Can you help consumers or have a passion for journalism? covers a wide range of topics including insurance, financial services and consumer news. Along with trying to keep our readers up to date with the latest news we conduct a variety of complex investigations which are criminal or consumer based which are deemed in the public interest.

As a consumer website we make every effort not to turn anybody away and try to help and assist consumers with their problems no matter how complex. So far over the past couple of years we have helped consumers get redress in excess of £250,000, which does not take into account the latest case being worth £25,000 per year for a policyholder who had their claim stopped.

Unlike no-win, no-fee companies Angry Policyholders never takes a commission or even asks for a fee when a case is successful. Our founders, Chris and Nicola Hargreaves were the recipients of free help and support from industry experts, insurers, the public, press and media in their hour of need and they understand how important this help was and the difference it made to them over their long fight for redress.

But due to this currently doesn’t earn any money meaning our founders have to support the website themselves along with donating hours of their time to support consumers. It is only thanks to the kind generosity of others that Angry Policyholders are able to cover so much with no financial resources.

We appreciate everybody is busy and that their time is precious but we are grateful at any offers to assist the great work Chris, Nicola and their team do on a daily basis.

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– Industry Experts

What better way to explain the industry to consumers than from the very people who work within the industry on a daily basis. Industry experts have a rounded knowledge of the good, bad and ugly of their industries and we are proud to offer them an unedited platform to express their views and share their experience and knowledge.

We are always looking for engaging content for our readers. Requested topics include protection insurance, business insurance, top tips to use when buying insurance or financial products and reviews on products available to the general public and businesses.

Can you share your expertise to help educate consumers in the UK? If yes we would love to hear from you.


– Journalists

We welcome input from established journalists to share their expertise and knowledge with our readers.

For more information please don’t hesitate to contact us.


– Bloggers

There are thousands of established bloggers running their own websites across the world. The  At we are always looking to share as many opinions on a wide-range of subjects to our readers. It does not just have to be financial or insurance based, but it must be consumer focused.

Expand your readership by submitting articles to Angry Policyholders and we can publish articles creating the opportunity to expand your readership.


– Consumers

Businesses no matter how big or small will get it wrong at some point. The bigger the company the higher the chances are that consumers will experience bad service or be subject to unfair treatment.

However, it’s when things go wrong it is how these businesses act to put it right that separates them from the good and bad. As consumers are able to share their good, bad or ugly experiences we would like to help share these stories on Angry Policyholders.

To be clear we are not just after horrific tales of personal experiences. For too long the good is no covered enough in the national press and media and we only hear about the horror stories. So, if your bank, insurer or financial institution has gone above and beyond to help or assist you we would like to hear your stories,

We can share your articles either by name or on an anonymous basis.


All contributors will have an author box with social media links and links to their website with information on the authors background. All articles submitted cannot be blatant advertising or promotion of a company, product or service.

Obviously, any article by consumers about a company will have to be checked and a right of reply given to the company or individual especially if it is a negative story.

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Chris Hargreaves

Chris Hargreaves is the founder of, a consumer campaigner and investigative journalist specialising in complex consumer and criminal cases.

Chris’s articles are mostly insurance and financial based, but also highlights cases which are of public interest. Chris can also be found helping consumers with refused insurance claims and difficulties with financial products.

The APH Team

One man's Twitter fight reveals danger of protection policies

The APH Team is always evolving and depending on case load or the complexity of investigations being undertaken changes on a regular basis. The team is built up of dedicated individuals who have a passion for consumer rights.

Due to the specific expertise needed brings in specialists to lend their advise a expertise to help bring cases and investigations to a successful conclusion.

Kevin Carr

Kevin Carr

Kevin, a previously qualified financial adviser has won many industry awards including accolades for protection advice and PR. Kevin now runs his own PR & consultancy firm and is Chief Executive of Protection Review.

Kevin has shared his expertise on protection insurance to help our readers make an informed choice and be aware of the different types of policies available in the UK for consumers and businesses.

Melissa Taylor

PolicyBee: a professional insurance broker, specialising in cover for small businesses and freelancers who don’t have a call centre, and hate jargon.

Melissa Taylor who works for Policy Bee helps contribute to articles for to enable consumers and businesses to make informed decisions when purchasing insurance.

Phil Morgan

Phil Morgan co-founder of Morgan Clark

Phil co-founded Morgan Clark with Tony Clark in 1999. In the years since then, he has overseen Morgan Clark’s growth into the UK’s leading loss assessing firm, drawing on his significant business experience.

Phil has contributed guides and articles for to help consumers understand their rights when appointing a loss adjuster.

The Complaining Cow

Helen Dewdney is The Complaining Cow fighting for consumer rights! Appearing on BBC Breakfast, Rip Off Britain, ITV, Radio 5 and various local and national media, she advises on how to assert your legal rights and get the best redress you can.

Helen has shared her experience and expertise to help readers of fight back using consumer rights laws and tricks of the trade to help consumers succeed in winning complaints and gaining redress.

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